Determinants of Job Insecurity in 5 European Countries

This article studies the determinants of subjective job insecurity in five European countries (Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands), using data from the WageIndicator web survey. The impact of different variables is estimated using logistic regression.The analysis shows that differences in subjective job insecurity of women are explained by their objective situation in the labour market. In contrast, subjective insecurity increases with age; education reduces job insecurity, as do wages, except at very high wage levels; having a temporary — but not — a part-time — contract contributes to insecurity, which points to the different nature of the two types of contract. 

Muñoz de Bustillo, R. and De Pedraza, P. (2010). Determinants of Job Insecurity in 5 European Countries. European Journal of Industrial Relations, vol 16, n.1, March 2010, 5-20.

Full text: European Journal of Industrial Relations