Platform Workers: Decent Rights & Pay

Language Dutch, English, Spanish
Title Platform Workers: Decent Rights & Pay
Funded by Instituut GAK
Duration October 2019 - April 2020
Goal Process and offer target group and action-oriented information in order to make up for knowledge arrears in the fields of rights and pay quickly and effectively, for the benefit of platform workers in the Netherlands and abroad.
Description While the platform economy is growing rapidly in the Netherlands and abroad, knowledge about income and legal positions of platform workers lags behind, both among policy makers and platform workers themselves. Systematically gathered knowledge is needed to achieve improvements, preferably in dialogue with platform workers and their representatives. A good view of schemes (or initiatives to create them) and income in a varied group of countries can be used immediately to achieve improvements with platform workers and their representatives. This includes collective bargaining agreements, contracts, remuneration systems, legislation and, of course, organizational forms, such as a trade union, a platform workers group, a cooperative, or a Facebook community. By means of the WageIndicator infrastructure and methodology the existing knowledge arrears can be quickly and effectively made up.
Countries in action Netherlands, Argentina, India, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom
Lead Partner WageIndicator Foundation
Key actors WageIndicator: Iftikhar Ahmad, Daniela Ceccon, Martin Kahanec, Martin Guzi  Paulien Osse, Niels Peuchen, Kea Tijdens. University of Amsterdam: Rachel Rietveld, Evert Verhulp
Partners UvA/AIAS-HSI and UVA Arbeidsmarkt Research BV
October 2019 - April 2021
 WageIndicator labour Law database COBRA, WageIndicator wages and working conditions survey 
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