Decent Wages Asia

Decent Wages Asia is rolled out in Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It aims at raising awareness about minimum wages, fostering of compliance and improvement of minimum wage setting as an instrument of economic policy.

Title: Decent Wages Asia
Duration: 01-10-2010 till 01-10-2013
Co-funded by: CNV, the Dutch Christian Confederation of Trade Unions
Status: current
Partner: Wage Indicator Foundation
Project management: Paulien Osse, Wage Indicator Foundation

The project lasts 3 years and started in October 2010. National trade
union partners are:

The project start simultaneously in Pakistan, Indonesia and Cambodia. Sri Lanka follows in year July 2011.

National partners work closely together with the supranational teams,each with their own focus:

Early in the project emphasis lies on raising awareness. In year two of the project emphasis shifts to compliance with labour law, minimum wage in particular, while at the same time the awareness raising campaigns continue. All the findings, insights and results gathered over the first 1.5 years of the project will culminate in 4 national seminars of stakeholders, to which experts will be invited, to debate how minimum wage setting can be improved as an instrument of economic policy – while the campaign and dissemination continue unabated.

Compliance cases will be sought, registered, described and publicized as examples of good practices.

As soon as relevant facts have been found and content is produced, the awareness campaigns get under way. Simultaneously the trade unions will engage in creating opportunities for the working poor, women and young workers primarily, to participate in debates by Decent Wages Asia both to raise awareness and provide input for policy making by stakeholders in the labour market.

The national confederations of trade unions will strive for bilateral and/or tripartite setting of decent minimum wage levels, especially for the working poor in vulnerable sectors where pay currently is below minimum wage levels.

Decent Wages Asia websites: - Cambodia - Pakistan - Indonesia - Sri Lanka