World Wide WageIndicator meeting June 21,22,23,24

June 21

Target group:

Web & research teams from: Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, USA.

Chairperson:  Paulien Osse

- Show your website

- Multinational research: how, where, who, when, what for. Prof. Rob van Tulder, RSM Erasmus university Department of Business-Society Management Rotterdam and Fabienne Fortanier, University of Amsterdam Business School. 


June 22

Target group:
Web & Research teams of all 17 WageIndicator countries. Invited new teams from China, Japan, Nordic countries, Turkey. Guest from Dublin Foundation, ETUC/ICFTU, FNV, ILO, Monster, OECD.

Chairpersons: Kea Tijdens & Paulien Osse

Workshops - line 1
- Inner workings of the questionnaire - prof. Kea Tijdens
- Inner workings of the wage calculation (Word 285kB) - Joyce Jacobs
- Inner workings of the dataset (PowerPoint 248kB) - prof. Kea Tijdens

Workshops - line 2
- Inner workings of content management system Plone - Joop Rosier
How to get your website higher ranked in the search engine (Word 246kB) - Sandra Blok
- Simple wage information online (WiCheck) (Word 173kB) - Joyce Jacobs


Opening of the first Share and Compare – Wages World Wide meeting.

Plenary session:

- Wiemer Salverda,   managing director AIAS, chairperson of the WageIndicator Foundation. Scope of the project.
Prof. Paul F. van der Heijden , rector University  of Amsterdam: Future research (Word 32kB)
Agnes Jongerius , chairperson Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions FNV: How it started, how to grow (Word 52kB).
- Marc de Vries , director Monster Northern Europe: On coalitions (PowerPoint 1,1MB)

- Between speeches introduction to the African, Asian, (Latin) American and European teams by Paulien Osse, director wageIndicator Foundation.


Workshop - line 3 - Woliweb research results
- Wages (Word 30kB) - Cecile Wetzels - Woliweb - NL
- Job insecurty - Prof. Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo Llorente - Woliweb -ES


Workshop - line 4            
- VIP paycheck (Word 55kB) - Why is it so successful?  Irene van Beveren/Sandra Blok


June 23

Workshop line 5 -    Woliweb r
esearch results 
- Working hours (Word 30kB) - Piotr Michon - Woliweb - PL           
- Overtime (PowerPoint 276kB) - prof. Kea Tijdens - Woliweb - NL           
- Wages in Belgium (PowerPoint 1,6MB) - Tom Vandenbrande - Woliweb - BE           
- Wages and collective agreements in Germany (PowerPoint 1,7MB) - Reinhard Bispinck -  Woliweb - DE


Workshop line 6
- Trade Unions in a globalising world (Word 93kB) - Finland - Kimmo Kevätsalo.     - The relation between web visitors and completed questionnaires - The secrets of the web teams from: Brazil, Finland, Uk , Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands. Wietze Helmantel/Paulien Osse/Dirk Dragstra


Workshop line 7    
- Worklife Wizard - Future research (PowerPoint 784kB) - Isabelle Ferreras/Jason Anastasopoulos - US
- Demonstration offline data collection - Sanne van Zijl - International WageIndicator team      
- Researching the informal sector - India (PowerPoint 85kB) - Anjula Gurtoo/Biju Varkkey - IN     
- Researching the informal sector -  Brazil (Word 56kB)) Researching the informal sector - Brazil (PowerPoint 61kB) - Brazil - Paulo Roberto Valle - BR  
- Debate: how to reach the not online and informal sector on the academic, technical, marketing level (PowerPoint 44kB) -


Workshop line 8             
- The WageIndicator Best Website Award  (Word 64kB) - Fons Tuinstra/Sandra Blok     
- Master class web marketingRuben Timmerman, SearchResult       


June 24

- Worldwide comparative research (PowerPoint 224kB): discussing temporary switching on worldwide the same questions for comparative research, this workshop is 'obligatory' for 1 researcher per country - prof. Kea Tijdens

- WageIndicator future. Mission, organisation, finance, future goals (Word 52kB) – Paulien Osse/Maarten van Klaveren


Workshop line 9
- Researchers EU and their deliverables for the Woliweb project – prof. Kea Tijdens


Workshop line 10
- Web & research teams. Global countries and their deliverables – Paulien Osse