Going global

Agenda world wide WageIndicator conference

April 15-16, Amsterdam

Workshops April 15

Morning sessions
1. Salary calculations - Victor Beker
2. Use of the dataset, Cleaning the dataset - Kea Tijdens/Fikret Oez
3. Equal Pay research in Hungary and Belgium - Borbély Szilvia
4. Offline research in Guatemala - Paulo Roberto Valle/Victor Beker
5. WIBAR 2 meeting - Maarten van Klaveren, Kea TijdensAgenda - WIBAR 2 meeting. WIBAR 2 Short introduction. MNE database - WIBAR project. MNE-retail industry.

Afternoon sessions
6. Search engines and WageIndicator - Irene van Beveren/Lorena La Ponce
7. Webstats - Dirk Dragstra/Sandra Blok
8. Web ads - Angélica S. Flores Briceño
9. Decent Work Check, Decent Work questions overview 
10. WIBAR - 2 - Maarten van Klaveren, Kea Tijdens
11. Purchase Power Parameters in Mexico and other countries
12. Minimum wages in Paycheck.in - Biju Varkkey

Web clinics
World portal - Huub Bouma
VIP Paycheck - Irene van Beveren
Design - Nienke Dirkse
Blogs - Fons Tuinstra
Viral marketing and usability - Ruben Timmerman


Regional and language group meetings 17.30 - 19.00

Conference April 16

Opening session
Welcome and presentation of all WageIndicator country teams.
Key note address - Wiemer Salverda, managing director AIAS, University of Amsterdam, chairman of the Supervisory Board WageIndicator Foundation
Chair of the day - Paulien Osse, director WageIndicator Foundation
Musical moderator SUNA. Bring your favorite song.

Morning session and debate
1. WageIndicator and " The power of the masses: real mass communication" - by Bert Wiggers - New Media Director van Sanoma Magazines International
2. Transparency of wages, world wide: why is it needed? - by Manuela Tomei, Chief of Conditions of Work and Employment Programme.
3. WageIndicator and the Trade Union movement: a must? - by Jelle Visser, scientific director AIAS, University of Amsterdam.
4. World wide data collection: an other mission impossible? - by Kea Tijdens, research coordinator AIAS, University of Amsterdam/WageIndicator.

News show and discussion
1. Workers in the financial district of Sao Paulo - Paulo Roberto Valle, DIEESE - Brazil
2. Bargaining issues in Europe, comparing countries and industries - Maarten van Klaveren, University of Amsterdam/AIAS - The Netherlands
3. Multinational workers in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil - Rob van Tulder, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Additional documents: Poverty alleviation as big business? and From chain liability to chain responsability)
4. Smart marketing in Korea - Cho Yong-woo, JobKorea, Seoul, South Korea

5. Is wage data collection in China possible? - Dinghong Yi

, Renmin University, Beijing, China

6. Gender Pay Gap world wide - Simone Melis, Louisa Potter , IDS, London, UK
7. The Nurses' Global Wageindicator - Kimmo Kevätsalo, Käyttötieto, Finland
8. Methodological Foundations of the Web-based US PayWizard/WageIndicator Dataset - Damian Raess (MIT) and Isabelle Ferreras (LWP/Harvard)

Launches by Agnes Jongerius, chairperson Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions