WageIndicator websites super popular in times of crises - January 2015

Wageindicator.org - WageIndicator websites super popular in times of crises - January 2015

Who pays for annexation of the Crimea?

Taisa Bandarenka, web manager Mojazarplata in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, explains how her users come more often in times of crises.

Tough relations between Russia and Ukraine brought to economic crisis and devaluation of Ruble and Hrivna. In mid December overnight Russians became twice as poorer due to devaluation of the Russian ruble. Since January 2014 the national minimum wage in Russia has been 5 554 RUB or 170.3 USD*. However, because of the drastic fall of RUB on December 18, 2014 it decreased by nearly two times and now the minimum wage is around 82 USD. In the beginning of 2014 the national average wage in Russia was equal to 905 USD. Official data in Russia are always lagging behind. According to the Russtat forecast the average wage in October was supposed to increase to 32 408 RUB. But on December 2014 with drop of the ruble this sum turned out to be 478.7 USD or 427.1 USD less than in January 2014. Same tendency has been observed in the Ukraine though the drop of Hrivnia was not so steep. Anyway if in January 2014 the minimum wage in Ukraine was equal to the equivalent of 152.4 USD in December it decreased by 74.9 and is 77.5 USD.

Despite some increase in Hrivnia during the year in December the average wage decreased from 393.9 to 223.5 USD. Situation in Belarus is still somehow better than in its neighbors. However because of close ties with Russia and Ukraine everyone in Belarus expects influences also on Belarusian ruble. Moreover since December 20 Belarusians banks have been prescribed to take 30% commission from all buyers of foreign currency in Belarus.

In times of economic crisis usually there are more visitors in all Mojazarplata sites. Mojazarplata does it best to help people not to be lost on their labor markets and provides readers with complete and timely information on pay, labor law and career. However it should be bared in mind that under such circumstances information in Salary Checkers is getting outdated very quickly and should be updated more regularly.

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