News from WageIndicator Countries in short - December 16, 2015

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Under the Decent Wage Project in Latin America, the Confederation of Workers of Honduras (CGT) and Channel  RCN 45 have implemented a daily TV spot about compliance and the payment of minimum wages in Honduras.

The programme TV Escenarios, hosted by journalist Peter Ortega, started transmitting during December, and the spot developed by CGT is featured at the beginning and at the end.  During the transmission, the audience can communicate with the programme and send through questions which are answered live by the host, who has the legal advice of CGT. At the end of the video there is a mention to the website



ATE (Association of Tanzania Employers) continues to create harmonious industrial relations through debates and responding to individual labour-related questions via the legal helpdesk on and

During our last two debates in the Transport and Telecommunications sectors, participants were specifically concerned with issues of  leave, contracts of employment and overtime calculation. The Legal Service Manager from ATE, Advocate Suzan Ndomba-Doran,  was able to offer advice and practical examples on these topics.  Debates have also reduced the number of frequently asked questions that ATE has received in the past, especially on issues that are discussed during the debates.



In most ex-USSR countries labour laws seem very good on paper. However in practice employees often ignore them and violate the rights of their workers. No wonder then that the Labour Law section is the most popular on all Mojazarplata sites in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Every day Mojazarplata gets from two to six questions from their readers regarding their rights at work. Most often they ask about termination, overtime payment, sick leave, etc.

Besides there are around 20 subsections in FAQs in the Mojazarplata Labour Law section where the readers can find answers on most urgent issues. They can also upload Complaint Forms and/or a sample of application to court.

In case Mojazarplata cannot respond on to an individual question then it provides readers with the contact information of trade unions or employment organisations. In response, the Mojazarplata team has got dozens letters of gratitude from those whom they could help.



The Labour Rights for Women  project, which is a partnership between the four major trade union confederations in South Africa (Cosatu, Fedusa, Nactu and Consawu) and Mywage/WageIndicator, held two mini-conferences during November 2015. The topics were on: Celebrating Women’s Work (including aspects of the work women do, minimum wages etc) and Amendments to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. These were attended by around 100 people, both men and women. In addition, in December the Labour Right for Women project held a two-day workshop to reflect on past successes and to plan for the way forward.

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