How to keep our Nurses Happy? Wageindicator Publications - January 2015 - How to keep our Nurses Happy? WageIndicator data can help. Wageindicator Publications - January 2015

WageIndicator data can help.

Nurses in the Benelux-countries and Germany are more loyal to employers who offer them regular jobs, i.e. preferably not part time, without overwork and at a reasonable distance from home, thereby reducing commuting time. These pull factors together with the prospect of high(er) wages and wage satisfaction make the health workforce less eager to look for jobs elsewhere.

Such motivational working conditions seem to be most effective amongst female nurses who are moderately or well-educated and have been promoted already in their current organization.

These are the main findings of a recent WageIndicator analysis conducted by researchers of AIAS/University of Amsterdam on a sample of over 5000 respondents from the health care sector in the three EU-member states Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

These wage- and working hours factors work out in a similar way on all three labor markets. The analysis has been conducted using a working-time model, a model focusing on wages and a model combining both and adding wage more social-economic variables still. The outcomes reinforce one another. It therefore seems that WageIndicator data can offer relevant insights for consideration by HR-managers in the health care sectors, when formulating strategies to reduce turn-over rates and recruitment costs.

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