WageIndicator Gazette - 17 - January 2008

Worldwide conference on April 15 and 16 ** Lightning take off in Korea ** First Minimum Wage Check with report function online **ww.Mojazarplata.org reaches out to the whole Russian speaking realm ** Follow up collective bargaining study brings France into the WageIndicator project ** International Longevity Center commissions research tool

Bi-annual worldwide WageIndicator conference on April 15 and 16
The third Global WageIndicator Conference is scheduled for April 15 and 16, 2 years after the second meeting of national teams in 2006. It is the first opportunity for teams from the Russian speaking realm and from China to meet all the others. Also the recently joined team from Monster Sweden is expected to be present. The new Korean partner, JobKorea, will contribute their marketing know how, which led to a lightning take off from the middle of January 2008, with record data intake figures.

Lightning take off in Korea - WageCheck.co.kr
The best data intake figures ever in the first 10 days after a fresh launch: more then 3500 completed and submitted questionnaires from January 15 till 29! That is the result from the marketing effort put in by our new Korean partner JobKorea. They will share their marketing secret with all other national teams during the April global conference. Learn more at: Check www.wagecheck.co.kr

First Minimum Wage Check with report function online
A Minimum Wage Check with report function to the Dutch Labour Inspectorate has been brought online. It is the first of its kind. Next to the Dutch version the Check is offered in English and Polish on behalf of Polish migrant workers on the Dutch labour market. The report function is meant to register cases in which employers undercut the legal minimum wages in the Netherlands.

Tusalatin brings in 4 additional countries in Latin America and offline research
Tusalatin is the acronym of tusalario for Latin America. It is a project funded by the development assistance agency of the Dutch Christian Trade Union Confederation CNV. It aims to extend the Latin American WageIndicator presence to include Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Paraguay. The partners in these countries are Trade Union Confederations, selected by CNV. The project also features 2 offline surveys, field research to be held in Guatemala and Paraguay, given the low internet penetration in those 2 countries. These offline surveys will be developed in close collaboration with CENE (university of Belgrano, Buenos Aires) and be carried out under the supervision of DIEESE (trade union research centre, Sao Paulo). The resulting data will be compatible with the data gathered online.

www.Mojazarplata.org reaches out to the whole Russian speaking realm
During a presentation at the international training centre of the ILO, last December, trainees representing major trade unions from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan expressed interest to join the initiative. The regional Moscow office of the ILO supports extension of the outreach of www.Mojazarplata.org in the Russian speaking realm.

Follow up collective bargaining study brings France into the project
The European Commission funds WIBAR-2. It’s a follow up study of WIBAR, i.e. WageIndicator data for collective BARgaining. WIBAR-2 is carried out by the University of Amsterdam/AIAS, ETUC, EMF, ETF, WageIndicator Foundation, Ruskin College (UK) and WSI - DGB (DE). Study seminars will focus on collective bargaining in 1. metal & electronics manufacturing; 2. retail; information technology; call centres and finance; 3. transport. The project includes introduction of our web survey in France.

International Longevity Center commissions research tool
The Dutch branch of the ILC, International Longevity Center, has commissioned WageIndicator to develop a monitoring tool. The monitor will use the survey to chart trends amongst the growing group of ageing employees in terms of their employability, employment prospects, health, worklife balance etc. If the Dutch pilot is a success, the tool may be deployed in other countries where WageIndicator has a presence.

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