WageIndicator Publications 2016 - March 01, 2016

In January and February 2016 a dozen publications based on the analyses of WageIndicator data saw light. These publications have appeared in, amongst others, the IZA Journal of Labour Economics and the Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development. The papers deal with topics like the Gender Pay Gap in Europe; online job vacancies; the competitive advantage of a foreign language on the labour market; wage changes of sales personnel in Germany; a Sub-Saharan African estimation of the likelihoofd that women working are to be fiound in the service sectors in formal enterprises. All these papers are exclusiveily based on WageIndicator data.

Research on the Gender Pay Gap in Hungary shows that the difference in pay between men and women does not decrease, but increases. More research from Hungary in January showed that in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia (the Visegrad Four), knowing a foreign language is a key asset in the labour market. The study analyses information from online job portals with a focus on the supply side, which is well documented. However, less is known about the demand side.

A paper from WageIndicator’s Ernest Ngeh Tingum (February, 2016), on women working in the formal sector in 16 Sub-Saharan African countries uses individual data for 9,957 female employees. these were drawn from a total sample of 29,332 individuals in formal enterprises. What is the likelihood that these working women are employed in the service sector? The data reveals that there is a significant higher presence of women (81.56%) working in services as compared to the manufacturing and agricultural sectors. This result indicates that the service sector is more favourable for female employment as compared to male employment. Moreover, this outcome shows that female employment in the service sector is a driver of growth, and thereby contributes to a country’s potential to grow more rapidly.

Job site Monster India, one of WageIndicator's longstanding partners, published three reports on salary and working conditions in India in 2015. The three sectors highlighted are ICT, financial and manufacturing. Furthermore a new Minimum Wage report was published which compares Minimum Wages in 7 Asian countries where WageIndicator has operations, including India, Pakistan, Cambodia and Indonesia.



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