How Happy do we make you? About users feedback - March 01, 2016

A new helpdesk system allows visitors to rate WageIndicator feedback. The Help Scout customer support app lets web managers know about their labour law advice, ranging from anywhere between Great or Not Good. How happy do we make you?

WageIndicator websites for many years now already provide feedback to web visitors. This free service functions as a labour law helpdesk, where visitors can email their labour queries and get prompt and practical replies. These queries form an important link between web visitors and web managers in many WageIndicator countries. They tell us what issues our visitors face in their working lives. While some may be unique to a country or region (for example, HIV/AIDS), others are global (for example, questions about annual leave, contracts, or maternity leave). This service therefore helps to identify what information we need to place on our websites. Late 2015 WageIndicator introduced the Help Scout customer support software to the feedback system, in a few countries to start with. This new helpdesk app has a number of features which add value to the existing system. These include:

  • The use of tags, which facilitate the identification and count of the topics which are (most) frequently addressed (e.g. salary, labour law or career), as well as more specific topics (e.g. domestic workers’ pay or minimum wages).
  • A visitor 'history' so that one can see who was assisted and how, simultaneously allowing visitors to check the status of their query.
  • Unlimited mailboxes for the simultaneous management of multiple sites.
  • Timesaving blueprints of FAQs.
  • Reports on productivity and team work (e.g. how often questions are answered and by whom).
  • The Happiness Report, a ratings system whereby visitors can rate their experience as Great, Okay or Not Good.

This last feature is extremely useful for WageIndicator web managers. It tells us whether or not the correct information was sent, if it was helpful and arrived on time. First feedback tells us that this new additional system works well. There has been a marked increase in helpdesk questions – which follows the web manager's wisdom that 'the more successful your business or organisation becomes, the more emails you’ll get.'

Therefore we may conclude that, in addition to Help Scout, our Impact Surveys have yielded a great deal of useful information regarding what visitors want to see on the websites, why they visit us, and how they rate our information: satisfaction between 80 and 100 %. Does our info make users change their life? It does for some. Those who do rate the website a solid 7 (plus).

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