WageIndicator receives most votes for Living Wage Innovating Challenge -18 September 2014

WageIndicator's Living Wages in Context got the most votes in the Living Wage Innovation Challenge set by the C&A Foundation and HiiL.

WageIndicator's Living Wages in Context got the most votes in the Living Wage Innovation Challenge set by the C&A Foundation and HiiL.


To achieve one global standard for measuring the Living Wages worldwide is desirable and possible. WageIndicator made a fact-based Living Wage tool that makes world wide realistic negotiations on wages possible. It can be deployed in all 80 countries where WageIndicator has operations. This includes countries with a size able ready made garment and textile industry, such as El Salvador, Honduras, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India and Pakistan.


The Living Wage calculation developed by WageIndicator is based on its online/offline data collection and data handling system. It takes into account national food preferences, basic calorie intake needs, cost of housing, transportation, medical insurance and family life. It is related to the current price levels and is updated each month. International standards are used for the calculation, making the results acceptable and comparable across borders. 

Paulien Osse, director WageIndicator Foundation: "I want to give a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us. We got 2540 votes thanks to our global partners from WageIndicator, like Linkedin, Monster, University of Amsterdam and thanks to the votes from national and international Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks from all over the world. And of course all visitors from the English language countries of the WageIndicator sites, like USA, India, Kenya and many others."


Next steps:

Announcement voting Top 3: September 22, 2014

Announcement wildcards Top 3: September 29, 2014

Winner announcement: November 26, 2014


The award is meant to find, support and improve Innovating Justice-concepts and disseminate them further. The authoritative HiiL network is instrumental in the promotion of these Award-winning ideas.


In November 2014, the winners of the Innovating Justice Awards will be announced during the Innovating Justice Forum at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands.


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