Decent Work Check Methodology - October 2012

WageIndicator presents a new way of comparing labour market regulations worldwide, i.e., through worker rights perspective. We document a new tool, i.e., DecentWorkCheck (DWC) and use it to analyse de-jure labour market institutions in 70 countries of the world. These include low, middle and high-income countries (World Bank classification). We consider nine important elements of decent work agenda and convert these into legal indicators/questions that workers can easily respond to and know whether they are employed in decent working conditions or not. De-facto institutions will only be informed by workers using these Checks in meetings, awareness raising campaigns organised by WageIndicator Foundation in our sample countries. Through DecentWorkCheck we introduce an online and offline tool that can be used by workers to benchmark their condition against national and international work standards. The tool creates awareness among workers and employers about their rights and obligations vis-à-vis international labour standards. This paper documents the methodology we would use in creating DecentWorkCheck and ranking of countries. It also presents a prototype of Revised DecentWorkCheck for Pakistan. Based on this methodology and revised Check, WageIndicator Foundation will create Checks for70 countries of the world by mid 2013.

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