Gender wage gap widens with age - March 2011

A world-wide Wage Indicator survey, covering half a million workers, shows a direct correlation between age and the gender pay gap. The older the worker, the wider the wage gap between men and women.  Amongst workers under 25 the average gender pay gap is 15 percent, i.e. women earn 85 per cent of their male counterparts. Then, till 35, this gender wage gap widens to an average of 19 percent. In the middle-age group (35-50) this widening accelerates and the gap expands to 25 percent on average. During the last years of working life this earnings gap keeps widening but at a slower rate. Women over 50 earn 73 percent of what men their age make.

The in-depth analysis is based on a comparison between 11 countries, found in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Read the full report The Gender Gap - A comparative analysis of wages in times of recession.
Wage Indicator has been collecting wage data online since 2001 in a growing number of countries worldwide, numbering 55 in 2011. The dataset is regularly updated to make comparison over time possible.

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