WorkBarometer: compare working conditions in 175 countries - October 2010

You may want to compare working conditions in your country with those in other countries. But where to get that information? The Wage Indicator Foundation is pleased to announce the first publication of WorkBarometer, a new web tool designed to do precisely that. It presents up-to-date statistical information telling you where labour conditions are the best, and where they need to be improved.

WorkBarometer has data for 175 countries already, so it is very likely that your country is included. It has 26 indicators for each of these countries, including data from the year 2000 up to the present. It covers data on many aspects of the labour market, i.e. unemployment, minimum and average wages, maternity and other social benefits as well as trade union presence and labour strikes.

The data is gathered from many official sources, including the International Labour Organization, the World Bank, UNDP, etc. and is updated each year.

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