How much are the Vancouver athletes earning? - 12 Febr 2010

The popular VIP salary tool of many WageIndicators has now a Vancouver section, now at the US Paywizard and the Dutch Loonwijzer

The Dutch have been complaining that their Olympic stars like Sven Kramer, earning slightly more than one million euro per year, are getting too much. But when you compare them with athletes like snowboarder Shaun White from the US or Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na, they only earn a pittance.

More of the WageIndicator sites will be bringing the salaries of their star in the days to come.

Here our colleagues in Belarus from Just amazing to see that two of the Belarus hockey players are in the same financial league as the American sporters.

And here our British colleagues from the Paywizard in the UK.

And our Flemish colleagues at and

In German, you can find the salaries here. For French, click here.

For Polish, click here.

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