Web poll: Majority opposes salary cuts - 11 Jan 2010

Almost 3 out of 4 participants in a WageIndicator web poll reject the idea of cutting their wages to deal with possible effect of the economic crisis. 

Governments, companies and other organization might be looking for ways to cut costs, but most participants are not prepared to accept salary cuts during the ongoing economic crisis. 

Over the past month 22 WageIndicator websites fielded the web poll in 19 countries, in 4 continents and received over 4.300 responses. 

27 percent is willing to sacrifice a part of his or her salary, but 73 percent opposes such a move. There a huge regional differences, though. The sentiment against salary cuts is running high in Belarus, Mozambique and the Netherlands where around 80 percent would not agree. 

More surprisingly, in 6 countries more than 50 percent would agree with salary cuts for the same work. In Spain 51 percent agrees, but also in larger economies like India (54 percent) and the US (59 percent) have majorities who agree with salary cuts. In this group we also find Azerbaijan (50 percent), Paraguay (55 percent) and Angola (56 percent). 


We have now started a new web poll, focusing on another tool to beat the economic crisis: education for those over 35 years. Would you agree with that better education is a tool to overcome the crisis, or do you think other measures are more effective? 

Join the web poll on our international site, or at the site of your country.

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