Small jobs, irregular hours - 7 Jan. 2010

People in small jobs more often work irregular hours than those with full time employment. This is the main finding of a comparative analysis of Wage Indicator data from 2009 carried out in 7 EU-countries. The focus was on women, since men as a rule work full time.

From the research a clear part timer profile emerges. Part time work occurs first of all predominantly in typically female occupations and secondly in types of work that has to be performed outside the nine to five time frame full timers are used to. Basically, in all countries, women say they opt for part time since they have to take care of children too. Working irregular hours or in the weekend apparently is taken into the bargain.

The period in which the data have been collected was January-October 2009. The countries compared are Belgium, Czech republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK


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