Huge gender gap primary school teachers in India, UK and South Africa - 4 Feb. 2010

While unequal pay is nothing new in the world, although occasionally women earn more than men, for primary school teachers in the India, UK and South Africa the gap is astonishing huge. For the same work women in India earn 50 percent less compared to men.

Apart from these 3 countries WageIndicator salary data of primary school teachers were also compared for Argentina, Brazil,Paraguay, the Netherlands and Spain. 

In addition to gender,working experience (2 and 20 years respectively) and whether or not having a supervisory position were used in the comparison. Not all salary checks gave results, but in the countries presented here there usually was an abundance of surveys from primary school teachers. 

The main differentiator, next to gender in some countries, is experience. In all countries, after twenty years of teaching, one earns about 30 percent more than unexperienced teachers. The exception being South Africa, where experienced teachers get 75 percent more. 

The reward for a supervisory role at primary schools is relatively low,rarely more than 10 percent up, with the exception of Latin America, where supervising is rewarded with a pay rise closer to 20 percent.


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