Find our academic work at Google Scholar - 7 Jan. 2010


One of the key operations of the WageIndicator is facilitating academic study. By using our data, scholars can produce work, that would be impossible in the past, because of the costs involved for offline surveys and the vastness of our international network. 

Of course, we proudly present the academic results on our website, but only recently, we discovered also Google Scholar as a very intelligent tool for finding academic studies and relevant citations. 

Here you find the results for 'WageIndicator'. But also scholarly results from the German Lohnspiegel or the Dutch Loonwijzer

The service is still very much in beta. Not always a direct link to the study can be found, and many of the Google tools like RSS-feeds and more focused search are still lacking. But for the future this is going to be a very useful search tool.


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