When women earn more than men: Canada - July 16, 2009

Mostly men earn more than women, but every now and then we see the opposite happening: the reversed gender gap. The WageIndicator documents the gender gap and we are all to happy to bring you today a "man-bites-dog" story from Canada, where female CIO's earn more than men, says a survey among IT decision makers.

From IT World Canada:  "The this week released the results of a research study among its members which showed an average base salary of $155,000. Among the 18 per cent of respondents who were women, however, the average base salary was $156,000. When bonuses were factored in, women still came out ahead, at $189,000 on average compared to $186,000 for men."

The difference is not huge, and the number of (male and female) respondents only 100. One of the explanations: the function of CIO is pretty new that glass ceilings seem to matter less. More at IT World Canada.

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