What does an IT system operator earn? - Germany, 21 Sept. 2009

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Our German colleagues have made a salary analysis for IT system operators, here available in German, giving insight in what criteria matter for the differences in pay. The gross average for a 38-hour working week is 3,199 Euro, but from there much can differ. Their main conclusions:

  • Work experience matters quite a lot

  • Size of the company equally counts

  • The gender gab - difference in pay for men and women - is hardly present

  • Industries with a collective bargaining agreement earn on about 500 Euro per month more

  • 60 percent works overtime and only 2/3 gets paid

This solid analysis of our German colleagues at www.lohnspiegel.com makes us wonder what this means for salaries in other parts of the world. Very soon the Indian WageIndicator will offer a salary check that offers a chance to compare German IT system operators with those in India. Keep on checking this page for more information.



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