What does a prostitute in Minsk cost? - July 13, 2009

Getting traffic to our sites, and getting surveys on salaries filled in, is one of the key challenges for the WageIndicators worldwide, to get a reliable result. Fortunately, we have 45 national partners and sometimes they come up with amazing ways to get attention.

Sex sells, we know, so when our colleagues of Mojazaplata Belarus promised to tell us how much prostitutes in Minsk would earn, we knew we were heading for a blast.

'Prostitutes in Minsk. Secrets of Craftmanship', is the article called in a translation, and here you find the original one: Проститутки Минска. Секреты ремесла. It starts by first defining what a prostitute might be, bringing it very close to the reader: They sell their bodies, do not hesitate to talk about it and called profession of sex for money.How much and how to earn a prostitute in Belarus?

In fact, it is very difficult to identify the line which begins prostitution. But in terms of profession questionable call her a prostitute, which, for example, go with a stranger, and took his money for a taxi. Similarly, you can not call a doctor person, if once he was able to make someone artificial respiration or bandage bandaged finger.

Then we get into detailed interviews, together with a price list. Not surprisingly, traffic at the site peaked into the hundreds of visitors. Not as much as the thousands of visitors the Indonesian Gajimu got earlier this month when they launched, but then, Belarus is much smaller than Indonesia. It certainly is an inspiring example for the 44 other national teams.

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