Web poll: positive discrimination for women? - 12 Nov. 2009

Should we introduce a system of positive discrimination for women? That means, women get for jobs - especially top-jobs, but not only - a preference over men, even when some men might be equally or better positioned for that job. 

Why that poll?

Despite all the talk for at least a decade on the gender gap, research for the international trade union ITUC by the British scientific partners of the WageIndicatorshow that really nothing has happened. The gender gap in pay remain in place.


The gender gap for education and health care has diminished, research of the World Economic Forum shows, But how to deal with the lack of women at the top and management? The Dutch telecom provider KPN took drastic action by reinforcing their already existing policy of stimulating women to take top positions:their CEO Scheepsbouwer announced in October they would block job access to top positions for men. 


But what do you think? Is this really the way to move forward? Join our web poll on our international site or in your own country.


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