WageIndicator strengthens ties with largest Russian trade union - 20 Oct. 2009

Much business is done at the ongoing ITUC First World Women Conference in Brussels. Paulien Osse, director of the WageIndicator, met with Tatyana Frolova of the FNPR, Russia's largest trade union with 25 million members, the largest in the world after the Chinese trade union. 

Ms Frolova, from origin a mathematician, is now the number two in the union, the deputy chairperson. 

The FNPR was already part of the WageIndicator family, but lack of internet skills made it hard for the organization to get its online operation organized. The Belarus team is already running a set of successful Russian-language sites and are going to help the Russians to get their digital act together. Yesterday, Ms. Frolova was also the woman of the day at our Russian website.


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