WageIndicator joins News Challenge competition - Amsterdam, 23 Sept, 2009


Today the WageIndicator has joined the News Challenge competition for digital journalism projects, organized by the Knight Foundation. The competition enters its fourth year of a five-year period where the News Challenge offers each year 5 million US dollar that make a difference in the online journalism. The WageIndicator wants to use a grant for expanding its usage of new-media tools to strengthen the journalism side of our operation. Reaching out to audiences using new tools becomes more important, as the traditional media increasingly get into problems. Learning how to expand our work and reinvent journalism at the same time looks like a very exciting prospects. You can find our application here, and can offer both support and comments. (You might have to register). The first application is rather broad and many choices still have to be made, for example, how to set up operations on a local level. But first we need to make the first hurdle. The organizers expect a 3,000 applications this year, so getting through is going to be tough. Deadline for the first round is October, 15.



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