Savings kick in where pension funds do not help - June 23, 2009

Who is paying your pension, we asked the visitors of the country sites of the WageIndicator in the past week. Most remarkable: slightly over one thousands people joined the web poll, much less than the previous ones. Against our expectations, pension does not seem to be a really hot subject. Not yet, at least. For quite some countries we could for that reason not get really conclusive figures.

In Europe (UK 47%, the Netherlands 42%) most people still expected the pension funds would be able to pay their pension. In other countries, like the US, India and Argentina savings scored high in stead, although the Argentinians also relied much on the government to kick in.

Remarkable was that in none of the countries, including developing countries, few had vested their hopes on their family. If the family as a economic safety net is still there, it is certainly not supported by this poll.


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