Salary checks on steroids - Amsterdam - August 10, 2009

Checking what you need to earn is one of the key features at the WageIndicator sites. That experience is becoming now much better as the salary checks go on steroids. In the past you had to go through the whole check to find at the end your hourly or monthly salary according to our datasets. Now, at the first new sites, you get already information about the percentage of men and women in your occupation, their average education level and much more, the moment you fill in your information.

The first sites to go online are in the UK, the Netherlands and the Czech republic. Other WageIndicator renewed sites will become active by the end of the week.

In the Czech Republic, where the launch of the salary check took place in March, already 9.000 people filled in the survey and in July they could give the first prize, a monthly salary, to Karel Zavadil (here in a translation, with an interview of the winner).

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