Purchase Power Parities for cross country comparison in Latin America - April, 2009

Buenos Aires - Researcher Bruno Perinelli of Belgrano University in Buenos Aires and the Elsalario.com.ar – team has applied Purchase Power Parities (PPP) for meaningful comparison of 5 occupations between 4 Latin American countries. These countries are Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Introducing PPP’s is the way out when currencies are unstable, inflation is rampant and exchange rates change by the day. The occupations compared were accountants, IT systems analysts, personnel administrators, sales representatives and college lecturers. Some highlights: 

1. in Brazil lecturers get up to 123 per cent more than in the other nations. 

2. Argentine saleswomen obtain higher incomes than their colleagues from Brazil, Mexico and Chile, but salesmen don’t. 

3. if you wanted a career as personnel administrator or IT systems analyst, Chile is the country to start, it rewards you best. 

4. in Argentina work experience is highly rewarded, especially in accountancy (a head start and widening the gap with the neighbours over the years) and in IT, where the high Chilean starting wages are overtaken after 15 years of working experience. 

5. Whatever the occupation (almost) all show considerable gender pay gaps in all 4 countries, with the notable exception of female Mexican IT-specialists and Argentine saleswomen who earn more than their male colleagues. Full report.

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