Poland: better educated women earn less - 25 Nov. 2009

The ground-breaking ITUC report on the gender gap, produced on the basis of WageIndicator data, has already been the source of many additional observations, like on the relative happiness of workers in different countries. Today we start another sequel, how different countries in the report are doing, starting with Poland. 

Poland is already a long-term member of the WageIndicator family and can provide us with many valuable data. 

Poland is different from other participating countries in at least three aspects. 

Almost half of the surveyed people work in the public sector, 46 percent, much more than on other countries.

First, they tend to be more happy than the average workers, surveyed for this study. Seventy five percent of the Polish employees says they are happy with their work. An interesting feature concerning the gender gap. That is the same when you compare different age groups. While in other countries elderly women often suffer more from the gender gap compared to the younger, in Poland there is no difference. 

But the difference kicks in when the educational level is compared. The higher the education of Polish women, the larger the gender gap. Does education not pay off for Polish women? 

From the report we learn that most of the Polish workers work full time: 94 percent, and there is no difference between men and women. 

The full ITUC-report (pdf).

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