Paycheck get's its salary check - 12 Oct. 2009

Paycheck, the WageIndicator site in India, has today started its salary check, the tool that allows visitors from India to check their salary. It is a key achievement that makes the service much more attractive for visitors from India who can see in a few click how much they should earn. Salary comparisons by the WageIndicator on an international scale will also become more interesting as it allows one of the world's larger emerging economies to participate. While making salaries comparable is one of the key objectives of the WageIndicator, that is only possible after enough valid surveys have been filled in and processed in its database. India has now entered that stage of maturity and that is certainly worth a congratulation. For a wide variation of occupations, from IT-engineers to call center operators, we can now check the competitiveness of India, compared to other parts of the world.



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