No progress in reducing gender pay gap - March 5, 2009

Amsterdam, March 5, 2009 - The average gender pay gap in almost all of 20 countries covered by WageIndicator in a new ITUC-report, is 22.4 per cent. These 20 countries include the major economies of the world (apart from Japan and China), as well as developed and developing countries. In 2008 – based on 12 countries with national WageIndicator surveys - gender pay gaps in the range of 13 to 23 per cent were reported.

This means that over the past year no progress has been made, notwithstanding many efforts to reduce the pay gap between men and women, with comparable qualifications performing the same work. The 2009 report moreover shows that the gender pay gap widens with age in all countries.

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Download the ITUC Report ‘Gender (in)equality in the labour market: an overview of global trends and developments' (pdf 310 kB)

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