Minimum wages: our global overview - 20 Dec. 2009

The WageIndicator collects information on salaries in 46 countries and gives gives the visitors of its websites much information back on work and work-related issues, also outside those countries. 

In twenty countries we have now a first overview of the minimum wages in those countries: officially at least the bottom line of what you should be earning at least. Those countries include larger ones like China, India and the United States, but also smaller countries like Mozambique and Azerbaijan. 

For the WageIndicator this is another step toward a  solid and comprehensive collection of information, on minimum wages, but also on salaries in general. 

A Global Workbarometer will give comparable information for 175 countries. A test version for Argentina (not yet updated to current data) can be watched here. Additional and current data will be brought online early 2010.


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