Minimum wages in South Africa - 15 Dec. 2009

MyWage, the South-African leg of the WageIndicator, has this week added the compulsory minimum wages for South Africa in 2009.2010 on their site.  Enforcing the minimum wages is still a tough call and by publishing the information, at least the correct data are available for South-African employees: 

From the site:

In South Africa it is compulsory by law for sectors to abide by Minimum Wage guidelines as gazetted by government. Where agreements have been extended to non-parties by government gazette it is obligatory in the entire sector, regardless of whether or not the employer is party to the bargaining council.

More of the WageIndicator sites have up-to-date information on minimum wages. Here you can find the information in some of our larger countries:  India, China, Indonesia and  the USA .


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