ITUC: Gender gap not narrowing - Brussels, 16 Oct. 2009

The difference in pay between men and women for the same work, the gender gap, is not getting smaller, says a report published by the ITUC on Friday 16 October, ahead of the ITUC First Women Conference next week in Brussels

The gender gap exists for 28% of the full-time workers The report, prepared by the IDS, is based on data collected by the WageIndicator project, and based on research in Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, India, Mexico, Finland, Poland, the Russian Federation, Sweden, the UK and South Africa. IDS is the UK scientific partner of the WageIndicator. The research is part of the Decisions for Life project, and in the second half of the week the same delegates will attend a conference with this focus. 

The report underlines more unsettling data concerning the gender gap, unsettling given that the gender gap has been addressed in many national policies for at least a decade, that have not generated much effect. Other conclusions of the report:

  • Women have less chance to get a promotion or a career, compared to men

  • More women work part-time especially when they have children

  • Single parents are more dissatisfied with their work-life balance compared to those who have a partner; most single parents are female

  • Between twenty and fifty percent of the people do overtime and are mostly not compensated for that; women are more affected than men. 

  • Participation of women in pension and medical insurance programs is lower

You can download the ITUC press release or full report (pdf. 3.5 GB) here or find a summarizing slide show here.


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