How to get rich, and other questions - 2 November 2009

At some of the WageIndicator sites you might have noticed it already: people are not only visiting the website to get information on wages and all things related to work, but they do not mind to share their own insights too. We want to encourage that exchange between visitors. 

So when we got a question from a Dutch teenager who wondered whether moving to the US was a good way to become super rich, we did not hesitate very long. We have put the question online on our international site, but will also ask visitors in some of the other 46 countries we are covering the same question: is moving to the US a good idea, like it has been for many generations from many countries? 


On top of that, we will encourage our readers to come with their questions: do you have a question where you need the global input of our readers? Do drop us an email.

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