How decent is your job - An online check - August 16, 2009

First announcement

The WageIndicator had launched a new cool application that makes it possible to check how decent your job is. The Decent Work Check compares your job with the regulations of your country and the international standard. Not only salary is here at stake, but also working hours, job security, sexual harrasment, overtime compensation and many other criteria.

Especially when your company does not comply with your countries regulations, you have a reason to act. For the comparison with international standards, that would only indicate how decent your job actually is.

Now, the Decent Work Check is available for Zambia, Argentina and South Africa. Other sites will come online on Monday and we will announce when they can be used.

The Decent Work Check is part of a set of tools and applications that makes the WageIndicator into a major exchange point of information on salary and labor conditions. Apart from its salary check, WageIndicator sites also offer a crisis check, to see how hard you are hit by the economic crisis, but also a partner check, allowing to find the best possible partner, considering your economic position.


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