Guatamala joins WageIndicator family - Guatamala City, August 30, 2009


Typical market in Guatemala

The WageIndicator site TuSalario has officially been launched in Guatamala joining an already very successful operation of the WageIndicator in Latin America.

The launch took place on August 27 at the offices of the Cenfederación Central General de Trabajadores de Guatemala.
The walls of the room, where the press conference was organized, were covered with portraits of trade union activists who have lost their lives, working for the union. "Fortunately, the eyes of the WageIndicator logo could liven up the place a bit," said a report from Guatamala City.
Director Paulien Osse and Victor Becker and Lorena Ponce de Leon of the Latin American team were present to answer questions from journalists actually got the advise to finish their dinner quickly, since "this is not a very good neighborhood". The neighborhood is - read the report - home to many travesties, posing successfully as female prostitutes. 
Traffic to the site has spiked, like during all launches, into the hundreds of visitors per day.

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