Germany hits jackpot after increasing to 280 jobs - 27 Nov. 2009

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Earlier this week the German partner Lohnspiegel of the WageIndicator announced it had extended its salary check to cover 280 different occupations, greatly expanding its usefulness for German visitors. 

German media picked up the news, leading to a spike in traffic to the Lohnspiegel and, at the end of the week, 2,600 new surveys in its database. 

Taking in salary surveys are the core business of the WageIndicator, making its databases even more trustworthy and valuable for its visitors. 

The first publication was at der Spiegel-Online, the online edition of this leading German weekly, triggering off a spike of 80,000 visitors to Lohnspiegel. Leading regional newspapers followed, like the Abendzeitung and the Koehlner Express

A few papers, like the Ostsee Zeitung, made good use of the databases by explaining for example that the wage gap between East and West was still firmly in place, twenty years after the Berlin wall fell. 

Congratulation both to the German and the international team for this outstanding success.

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