Female workers in Brazil unhappy with living standard - 2 Oct. 2009

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Research by the Brazilian WageIndicator, Meusalario.org.br, in five industries shows that female workers in Brazil are not happy with their current living standards. (Here a translation into English.). From the report:

According to the calculation - compiled from the responses on the "salary survey" over 2008 to 38.9% of the business sector (cashiers, repositories of inventory, sales, supervisory and representatives) have shown dissatisfaction with the standard of life. Among the secretaries, receptionists and clerks, the percentage is 28.9%, and among workers in call centers, 28.7%... 
The category showed the lowest degree of dissatisfaction was that of accounting professionals (17.6%).Among the workers in the area of information technology (IT), the degree of dissatisfaction is 19%.
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