Eight South African WageIndicators hit the internet - 18 Sept. 2009

Pretorious - Captain of South Africa
Pic: What does he earn? by claytonjayscott.com via Flickr

Eight South-African websites of the WageIndicator were officially launched on Thursday 17 September. Simultaneously the South Africa WageIndicator got an upgraded salary check, making it much more attractive for visitors to check their wages. Target is to reach half a million visitors in one year time. Local teams make sure that the content of the sites is fit for the audiences in each specific country. Known as Mywage in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, and Meusalario in Angola and Mocambique, the websites feature unique content about wages, working conditions, labour standards and other work-related topics. There is a strong gender emphasis in much of the content. Significantly, each site also hosts various web tools which provide information on occupation-specific wages, as well as checks relating to work/partner balance, minimum wages and the current economic crisis. “There is a definite need for this sort of information in my country. We look at what people want to know, in relation to the workplace, and we supply it,” says Sanday Chongo Kabange, Web Manager of Mywage Zambia. “We go out and speak to people, and we follow what is happening in the labour market.”


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