Azeri sites welcomed by local media - Baku, 12 Oct. 2009

The launch of the two WageIndicator sites in Azerbaijan, Qazancim in Azeri and Mojazarplata in Russian, last week on October 2 in Baku, has been welcomed by the domestic media. Both WageIndicator director Paulien Osse and regional manager Taisiya Bondarenko were present at a press conference to explain the background of the project to local journalists. From (in a translation by Google):

"The project allows you to compare your own pay with their colleagues from other countries. According to Bondarenko, the beginning of the project accounts for 2001. "First, information was collected for the Netherlands. Today, the project covers 46 countries from different continents. Last year we began to work in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Azerbaijan - a fourth of the former Soviet republic, where we start to work," - she pointed out.

"In conclusion, we note that the Azerbaijani users who have expressed an interest in the project, will find useful information on sites and"

More is available in Azeri. (But Google cannot translate Azeri yet).


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