2009: Mojazarplata.by had a stellar performance - 2 Dec. 2009

In six months time Mojazarplata.by, our WageIndicator partner in Belarus, got over 3,000 surveys in, allowing them to start their Belarus salary check by next Spring. The news was announced yesterday through their media partner Naviny.by:

In six months time the site was visited by more than 70 000 people. Every 23rd shared information about their wages and working conditions. The most popular topics of interest to visitors, according to the web statistics provided to the work in Belarus were, How to write a resume, subsistence wage, allowance for single mothers and the minimum wage.

For a relative small country like Belarus, this is a remarkable achievement, achieved by an very enthusiastic team in Minsk, coming up with very surprising angles to attract their audience. By getting a salary checker in place, Mojazarplata can even improve their performance as salaries in Belarus can be compared with salarieselsewhere in the world. Congratulation for Minsk.


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